14 aprilie 2005

Smug Romtelecom

Romtelecom is a big fat guy with a smug on his face. For years it has stolen money from everyone by increasing the price of local telephone calls, taking advantage of the monopoly first and then, when it's exclusive use of the telephone network was finally abolished, taking advantage of the fact that it has no real competition. Also taking advantage of the fact that people are used to use the landlines and that the general impression is that it's cheaper to make a local phone call rather than a mobile one. But the truth is that it has become more expensive to have a landline than a mobile subscription. As an old habit is hard to get rid of and it is rather unnatural not to have a landline, basically everyone keeps on paying the subscription to Romtelecom when we do know it's a rip off. And now Romtelecom keeps on advertising it has reduced the cost of phone calls when everyone knows they have greatly increased the cost of the subscription. Just look at the advertisements they gave to see how smug they are. They're all over the place.

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