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19 aprilie 2006

morning party in the white room

For 10 days I will be starting each morning with a little party. What I would like to do at this party is sleep or at least doze. But it's not all that possible. Like any respectable party, this one is filled with loud, jolly people. Mostly old women who like to talk about, love, marring too young, allowing your husband to beat you up, how to make sarmale (traditional food course), whether to make cozonaci for Easter or just buy them. Also, today I found out that if you want someone to beat your carpets with a stick you can be lucky enough to get the block cleaning lady to do it for 50 000 lei. That's all for today, more news from the party tomorrow.

So it's tommorow now. This morning the party started at 8, inhuman hour. And it went on from 9 a.m. in a smaller white room where there is no fun at all. The news are: there is actually a 8 minute manea about or dedicated to Gigi Becali, big football game tonight and I'm afraid I forgot the rest. Am I going senile? Maybe. Or just got my brains mashed from work + lack of sleep. Anyway, no party tommorow, I'll sleeeeeeeeeeep ;) till 9 ;)

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