08 septembrie 2007

The Iraq War: Legal or Illegal?

It all started from a discussion with an old friend of mine. After not talking for one year we found each other on opposite sides of the barricade. To sum up his point of view: I truly don't believe that oil is a factor.... and anyone who does watches entirely too much TV. Ask any soldier who's been out there, who's dodged bullets, or better yet, caught bullets and SURVIVED!!.... ask them if it was for oil! Ask them what they saw and did... The people who are brain washed, or "taught to think" are those who are either glued to their damn TV screen, or too damn ignorant to find out for themselves! it's not us, the ones doin the fighting who are brain washed. said J.H.

My point of view is in this little film on the pinkyshow. It's 23 minutes, but worth each and every one of it.

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So right, but who's gonna act on these conclusions?