04 septembrie 2008

the Coffee Killer Quiz

It takes 72 cups of Coffee (Brewed) Coffee to kill Bianca.

Provided by match special Free Online Dating

Testul il gasiti aici. Cine da mai mult? :)

4 comentarii:

Mr.C spunea...

At least I know for sure that 2-3 instant coffee mugs a day (plus / minus 1 Red Bull) and a few glasses of Pepsi don't kill me : ))))
(It takes 6-8 hours of sleep not to look like a zombie afterwards. And guess what I'm very nervous : ))))))

Anonim spunea...
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Anonim spunea...

It takes 365 cups of Coca-Cola Classic Coffee to kill tudor.

Leave U spunea...

118 baby... 116 more to go!